Paper Cranes by Jordan Ford

In this Rapunzel re-telling, Tristan, the new kid in town after his parents’ divorce, finds himself feeling alone in this strange place. He doesn’t care about school, especially English class, and he especially doesn’t care about poetry, which he’s learning in English class right now. So what happens when he goes to retrieve a baseball that was thrown in the weird, mysterious tower next door? Well, he meets a girl who loves English class, especially poetry. Finding that he can’t get enough of that girl who talks like she belongs in an old English novel and the long hair, he keeps coming back to that strange tower.

Helena has stayed in her house for the past six years out of respect for her mother. She’s content but she’s getting restless. So when this boy climbs in her tower window, what does she do? Well, she makes a new friend, and possible even more.

paper cranes 1

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would like this book when I checked it out from the library. I’m not a big fan of Rapunzel re-tellings but I was pleasantly surprised by this book. This was seriously the cutest book ever. Tristan’s and Helena’s relationship was something I wish I had in real life. They’re both broken, but they help each other mend their broken hearts. They understand each other, and they respect each other.

Although the book kind of dragged in certain parts, I enjoyed reading how Tristan repaired his relationship with his parents and how he never gave up on Helena. This was the perfect airplane read, as it kept my mind off the turbulence and what not.

Call me cheesy or sappy or whatever, but someday, I hope I can find a love like Tristan and Helena’s.


the unlost wanderer


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