Coming Home to You by Tessa Marie

Goodreads Synopsis: After getting evicted, Seth finally decides to grant his sister’s wish and return home. Filled with bad memories, and holding the burden of a secret that’s not even his, he goes back to the place he swore he never would.

His first night home a loud thump awakens him. When he goes to investigate he finds Katie, the one girl who was always off-limits, falling through his living room window.

Katie spends her days cutting class and her nights getting wasted so she can forget reality. On the outside, everyone thinks she’s happy being the life of the party, but on the inside she’s lonely and broken. She’s about to flunk out of school and become a nobody when her best friend’s brother, and boy she has loved for years, comes back home.

Two broken souls burned by those who were supposed to love them most find solace in each other. Will they be able to help one another heal before the past destroys them both?

I had bought the bundle of books under the name of “This Fragile Heart” on iBooks not really knowing what to expect. I skipped through the first book since I had already read it, and came across Coming Home to You.



I absolutely adored the first book in the series, (though it could be read as a standalone,) Home is Where You Are. And to be honest, I had no idea Coming Home to You ever existed. I’ll admit I squealed a little bit when I found out this book was the second installment of the Home series. Seth and Katie were some of my favorite characters from the first book, and I was happy they got together in the second book.


Coming Home to You is a story of reconciliation, acceptance, love and overcoming obstacles. With Katie’s humor and Seth’s determination and little bits of Anna and Dean, this book was the cutest book I had read in a while. I seriously said, “This book was so cute,” as soon as I finished it.


Find Coming Home to You here and the This Fragile Heart book bundle here!

love, jane

the unlost wanderer.



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