Bitten + Shy, by Noelle Marie. (Once Bitten, Twice Shy Book #1 & 2)

Goodreads Synopsis for Bitten | Goodreads Synopsis for Shy

I don’t know when I got sucked into the world of werewolves, but I found myself reading these books. Katherine is just a teenage girl when she is bitten by a werewolf and slowly becomes one herself. She is struck by tragedy and before you know it, is kidnapped by her pack.

I was really, really annoyed reading these books, mainly because it was unrealistic (minus the werewolf part,) in the way the characters behaved. Bastian, the one who bit Katherine in the first place, had this hot-and-cold behavior that I quickly found tiring. He withheld so much information from Katherine and because of that, landed her in a ton of trouble. Bastian was so very controlling and used the “I’m the alpha, don’t question me,” line way too much. I understand that Katherine is only sixteen when all this happens, but honey, let me tell you, running away is not the answer for everything, (even if you are kidnapped, there are people after you and if you run away you’re gonna get yourself killed). I understand that she’s confused and scared but her rude and immature behavior got to me fast.

I liked the other characters her pack and wished Katherine spent a little more time with them instead of sulking in anger on her own so that I could learn more about them. I didn’t have opinions of the other characters in the book but found them to be quite cliche.

I didn’t even bother to finish reading the second book. When Bastian’s betrayal was revealed I just stopped because it was too much drama for me.

Overall, I’d give these books 1.5 stars out of 5.

What book should I read next?

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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